One of the main reasons for me to create this blog was to help people find vegan fashion and beauty easily without having to read endless forums or FAQs of brands to know weather if a product was vegan friendly or not; or where to find a nice fashionable handbag that didn’t contain leather [ oh the struggle I know… ] or some nice shoes that again, do not contain leather but at same time have quality and feel luxe.

This was one of my first challenges, turning my closet vegan. I used to have some designer handbags and shoes that I loved but sold them all and since then I have been in the hunt for the same sort of designs and quality in the vegan fashion world. Across my journey, I found some tricks and have some tips that helped me and hopefully will help you too find the perfect bag or shoes without leather.

The basics

So let’s start from the beginning, the kind of materials to avoid when buying fashion pieces. Most people nowadays are becoming more and more aware of the horrors of the fur industry but unfortunately that’s far from the only industry that cause pain and suffering to animals for their skin in the name of profit. When shopping, you will want to look out for the following:

x Fur

x Leather

x Wool

x Silk

x Down

x Suede

x Shearling

x Angora

x Cashmere

x Snakeskin

x Alligator

x Kangaroo

Leather, fur and suede many times can be faux. Usually the best is to email the brand or check the tag with the materials. Sadly, many sellers have been selling real fur in beanies and coats’ collars as faux fur… If you can’t tell the difference I would suggest you watch some videos on how to distinguish real from faux fur, as the last thing you want is to buy a pair of shoes with real fur thinking it was faux!

Now, there are many vegan friendly materials that are easily found in the fashion world and make great substitutes for the previous listed:

♡ Faux Leather

♡ Polyurethane

♡ PU Leather

♡ Faux Suede

♡ Suedette

♡ Stretch Fake Suede

♡ Satin

♡ Microfiber

♡ Cotton

♡ Linen

♡ Hemp

♡ Polyester

♡ Acrylic

♡ Nylon


Vegan Friendly Websites/Brands

There are some websites I came across, that have many vegan options and are vegan friendly. Many now even have a vegan section or an option to view only non leather shoes or bags, which is great! You can always check the composition of the item you interested in the description. You can check my list of favourite websites below:

ASOS : If you go on the shoes or accessories section, just select ‘Non Leather’. Please be mindful about other materials like feathers, fur or silk in this section.

Zalando : In this website you can actually select different types of materials when shopping! But as always, make sure to check the composition of the items before buying them.

Lulu’s : This is an American website but they have a section just for vegan shoes and handbags with loads of different designs!

Nastygal : At the Nastygal website you can just simply type in the search bar the word ‘vegan’ and it will show you all the options they have for clothes, shoes, accessories and makeup.

Charles & Keith : Brand from Singapore with lovely good quality handbag designs! Most of the handbags if not all are made with non-animal materials.

Steve Madden : I actually like a lot of the designs Steve Madden has in regards to heels and boots and this brand is very vegan friendly, most of his shoes do not contain leather.

Love Moschino : A lot of their handbags are leather free! I recently bought one and I love it.

Olivia Burton Watches : Olivia Burton carries vegan friendly watches with vegan leather straps that are PETA approved.

Shop some of my favourites vegan friendly items here/ADLINKS:


Vegan Websites/Brands

Stella McCartney : this one is obvious. Everyone knows her brand and her famous Falabella bags.

JW PEI : the quality and design of these bags is amazing, they have that designer look to it! You should definitely check them out.

Expressions NYC : Luxury vegan handbags that again have that designer feel to it!

Matt & Nat : this Canadian brand has beautiful clean designs including bags and shoes for both men and women.

Aubrey Watches : I first found this brand on Instagram, and I instantly fell in love with the watches. I basically want every single one of them.

Cult of Coquette : if you’re looking for a beautiful pair of heels, Louboutin style this is the place for you.

Love Sofie : An upcoming vegan Swedish shoe brand. They have loads of colourful designs at the moment!

Veerah : Mid to High end heels. All vegan of course.

Angela Roi : she is possibly my favourite designer after Stella. The quality is so good and the bags are beautiful. If you’re in the UK you can find her bags here

House No. 3028 : calling all brown girls aboard! This is the brand for you. This brand has a shade to match darker complexions without breaking the bank and they are all vegan!

Denise Roobol : Brand based in Rotterdam, has many different designs to choose from. My favourites are the Mini and Cruise Bags!

Votch Watches : If you been for a while vegan and looking for watches, almost certainly you have come across this brand.

AllTRUEist : Vegan Luxury Boutique based in Montreal, Canada. From Luxury Faux Fur Coats to Shoes and Bags, you will find something you like.

Alexandra K : Vegan Bags and Accessories that are PETA approved.

Fauxlist : Here you can find a collection of clothes, bags, shoes, accessories and beauty from different brands.

JAN ‘N JUNE : A fair and eco fashion brand with modern clothes.

Gunas New York : First American vegan handbag brand. Created in 2009.


Shop some of my favourites vegan items here/ADLINKS:


Teddy Coat – SOLD OUT , Black colour – here, Grey colour – here
White Sweater – here
Gold Necklaces – here
Skinny Jeans – here
Black Star Boots – here, similar here
Vegan Leather Watch – here
Black Faux Leather Bag – H&M (old)


Do you know any vegan & vegan friendly brands that I did not listed?
What is your favourite place to shop?
Let me know in the comment section below!

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