While I was snuggling under my quilt with my fluffy pyjamas on, watching Samatha Maria video about her 30 before 30 list, I started to think of how I wanted so desperately grow up and be an adult when I was around 12 years old. How silly I was… Little did I know that that time would come soon enough, faster than I could ever realise. And now here I am with fresh 27 years old and doing a 30 before 30 list, because time goes by fast and right now I really only have 3 years till 30 to complete this list.

I wanted to do this list more out of curiosity. Curiosity of when I turn 30 to see how many things off my list I have accomplished or done. We so easily forget about the things we accomplished during time but somehow never look back to see how far we have come. I hope with this also, that I can come back to this post and see exactly what changed in 3 years of my life!


My 30 Before 30 LIST


NO.1 – Buy a house

Currently, me and my boyfriend are already saving for a deposit and [fingers crossed!] next year we should have our own house. This is my number one goal right now!


I am already working towards this goal. At the moment I like my job however can’t see myself doing what I do for the next 10 or even worst 20 years of my life.

NO.3 – Learn german

I don’t know if you remember but, when I was younger, I used to watch this Tv Series filmed in Vienna with a german shepherd police dog and since then I always wanted to learn German because I thought it was so cool and different.

NO.4 – read more books

By the age of 13, I used to read 2 books per week! I can’t even believe it now that I did that. I genuinely miss those times. There’s nothing like sitting in a comfy chair or sofa and immerse in a good book! Unfortunately now I don’t do it very often but my boyfriend gave me a Kindle for Christmas which I loved and been reading far more since then.

NO.5 – Visit at least one country in every continent!

I have been in a few different countries here in Europe and visited Morocco in Africa, even though I want to explore more in Europe and Africa, I really want to visit Canada or USA, Vietnam or Cambodia and New Zealand.

NO.6 – have a skincare regime

Is it just me that, at this age, doesn’t have a set skincare regime?

NO.7 – start a youtube channel

I have my blog, Instagram and Twitter but I really really want to start a YouTube channel to share everything related to beauty, fashion and lifestyle, all vegan of course!

NO.8 – buy less but better

Buy less but better clothes, shoes, makeup and/or skincare. Quality over quantity.

NO.9 – BUY more ethically

Turning vegan was kind of big for me but next step I want to do is buy more ethical fashion. Any tips and suggestions for modern ethical vegan fashion?

NO.10 – learn how to swim

This has been bothering me for some years now the fact that I don’t know how to swim.

NO.11 – go to a concert

Believe it or not I never been to a concert in my life before.

NO.12 – learn how to do my makeup like a pro

Why every time I try to replicate a tutorial it never ever turns out it looks like I have been punched in the eyes.

NO.13 – frequent regurlally a gym
NO.14 – visit an animal sanctuary
NO.15 – do a hot air balloon ride
NO.16 – master english language like my mother language
NO.17 – learn to meditate
NO.18 – donate blood
NO.19 – overcome my irrational fear of the dark
NO.20 – fly in a helicopter
NO.21 – visit every major city in uk
NO.22 – do a dna ancestry test
NO.23 – print and frame more photos
NO.24 – start again doing martial arts
NO.25 – do my family tree
NO.26 – make photo albums for all my trips (spain, france, greece, cyprus and morocco)
NO.27 – have a gratitude journal
NO.28 – make a vision board
NO.29 – master photoshop
NO.30 – learn how to pose for photos and video


What are the things you want to do and achieve before you’re 30?

If you are now gone past 30, what are the things that you done you are proud of?

Let me know in the comments!



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