Recently I have been obsessed with monochromatic and gold decor and tech! Looks so polished and clean, veryyyy aesthetic and pleasing to the eye, love it!
Also, been eyeing the iPhone in black [I have the gold colour] and kinda want to change it however, I don’t really want to loose the headphone jack, mine still has it as it is the iPhone 6+ and this being the main reason why I didn’t upgrade. But guess I will live with mine for a bit longer…

I really want to show you this brand of vegan watches I found on Instagram. The brand is AUBRY and they are more affordable than VOTCH [the most popular vegan watches brand so far] but also, in my opinion, all of them look more classic and seem to have more quality and an expensive feel to them. I really want to get a gold watch like the one I featured in the image above. Currently, I just own a silver one and a gold watch would be a great addition to match some other pieces in my wardrobe.

Lastly, winter is definitely coming and I can feel it already! The temperature has been dropping so much lately and the ice in the morning is already showing, soon will be the rain too… I found the coolest umbrella at Kate Spade, which is very much right up my street.

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Umbrella – here

iPhone – here

Watch – here

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