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So after selling all my bags that contained leather, I faced the struggle to find same kind of bags as I had but without any animal skin in the composition. And coming from having designer handbags, it seemed that every more ‘high end’ bag I liked had leather!

After searching for a while, I found the brand Matt&Nat but to be completely honest I didn’t really fancy any of the models they offered, then I found Angela Roi and also at the time I didn’t particularly found any that suited me. At this point I was kinda loosing hope. I knew the obvious designer to look was Stella McCartney but also most of her designs didn’t suit my style [even though I found one I like and bought!]. I also found a Spanish designer Adolfo Dominguez, which had some vegans options but none of them where in a black colour.

Now ideally, I wanted a clutch to go out for a dinner or clubbing, a crossbody for everyday use and a tote/shopper for travelling; all black.

As I already went through the struggle of understanding which brands have non leather options and which are vegan, I wanted to do this post to hopefully help you see that common brands have options for us that choose not to buy leather products. I hope you enjoy my selection and find at least one bag that suits you!

If you would like more posts of this kind, please let me know! I could do shoes next or maybe a different colour of handbags.


Which brands are your favourite for vegan [friendly] handbags?

Let me know in the comments!


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