In a nutshell, AndreiaZoe.com is primarily a lifestyle blog. But I like to think that it’s more than just your average “personal lifestyle blog”. Yes, I do primarily write about lifestyle but I like to throw bits of beauty and fashion here and there.

My Mission: to serve YOU by making your life easier, especially when it comes to all vegan things, which goes far behind food… From fashion, skincare, makeup and even travelling, I hope you find my content helpful or even at least relatable.


I’m from  Portugal, but currently live in West Midlands, UK and loving it here! I’m the youngest woman of 4  (I’ve got 2 sisters and 1 brother).

I love to read, to learn new things and I absolutely love Internet, YouTube being my favourite thing to watch.  I love music too, love to travel specially with my boyfriend!

I’m an introvert by nature and love spending my free time learning random things, studying german, reading and (#duh) watching YouTube. Traveling is fun and I love to get out and see new things from time to time, but the truth is that I’m a major homebody and genuinely love spending time at home with my boyfriend or my friends. Time management is not my forte and I have a tendency to procrastinate even though I tend to finish everything on time. I have a serious addiction to candy, but not the chocolate kind.

I think my favourite part about blogging is getting to hear from YOU. There’s just something so special and heart-warming about connecting with like-minded people and being able to relate in such unique and different ways. I love it when I get emails/comments from you when you have those ‘OMG ME TOO moments’ or just hearing what you have to say about something I posted – I think that’s seriously the most fun part about blogging. Putting myself out there is hard, but it’s just as rewarding when I get to see that it’s worth it. So if it’s not obvious, I love hearing from you!

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Love // Andreia